• How to make GPE polyether defoamer?
    by admin on 12-26-2019

    Dear friends, everyone, I am your lovely defoamer sharing editor. When my colleague had a dinner yesterday, a colleague said to the editor that I wrote so many sharing articles that I did not write about the production method of the defoamer, how to make the defoamer, and so on. Later, I think we... Read more »

  • Defoamer testing common sense
    by admin on 12-25-2019

    Defoamer Routine Test Method 1. Spray test: spray the bubble solution to make bubbles, and then add a defoaming agent to measure the defoaming effect according to the time taken for defoaming. 2. Shake test: Add the defoamer to the bubble solution, shake it by hand, observe it at regular interval... Read more »

  • Silicone defoaming agent is the more viscous the better?
    by admin on 12-18-2019

    Many users assume that the more viscous the silicone defoamer, the higher the concentration of the defoamer, the better the effect will be.But is that really the case? In fact, there is no relationship between the viscosity and concentration of silicone defoaming agent, high concentration of sili... Read more »

  • The mechanism, application and evaluation method of defoamer introduction
    by admin on 12-17-2019

    In industrial production and daily life, due to a variety of reasons will produce a large number of foam, foaming properties of good substances known as foaming agent.Some anionic surfactants such as sodium fatty acid, sodium alkyl benzene sulfonate and sodium alkyl sulfate have good foaming prop... Read more »

  • Silicone defoamers: improve slurry performance or bring risks?
    by admin on 12-12-2019

    For many years, in order to achieve sustainable development, the paper industry has made many efforts to reduce energy, water and chemical consumption, and the use of silicone defoamers is one of them. Organic silicon defoamers have high efficiency and can greatly improve the sustainable developm... Read more »

  • The difference between polyether modified silicon, polyether and silicone defoaming agent
    by admin on 12-11-2019

    The difference between polyether modified silicon, polyether defoamer and silicone defoamer is that polyether modified silicon combines the advantages of both polyether defoamer and silicone defoamer, which is non-toxic and harmless. It is harmless to bacteria and has very little added amount. It... Read more »

  • Defoaming Features of Defoamer
    by admin on 12-04-2019

    Defoaming Features of Defoamer (1) The defoamer reduces the local surface tension of the foam liquid film and defoams. Because the surface tension of the defoamer droplets is lower than the surface tension of the foam liquid film, after the defoamer is added to the foam system, the defoamer drop... Read more »

  • How to choose a defoamer for circuit board cleaning
    by admin on 12-03-2019

    With the continuous development of the printed circuit board industry, the number of manufacturing layers is increasing, the lines are getting thinner and denser, the line spacing is getting smaller and smaller, and the problem of bridge connection is more and more prominent. There is no bridging... Read more »

  • Defoamer for lubricating oil
    by admin on 11-27-2019

    The emergence and impact of foam   Foaming of lubricants is a highly undesirable phenomenon. The strong mixing of the foam with the air enhances the oxidation reaction, causing cavitation and insufficient oil delivery in the circulation system, even leading to unlubrication. Such as internal comb... Read more »

  • What effect does defoamer have on the performance of gypsum self-leveling mortar?
    by admin on 11-26-2019

    Defoamers are generally only used for model gypsum, gypsum for precision casting, self-leveling gypsum mortar, etc., which can reduce the pores on the surface of gypsum products. Common defoamers include n-butanol, polyethylene glycol, and tributyl phosphate. During the construction, when the dr... Read more »

  • Knowledge points of paper mill waste water treatment defoamer
    by admin on 11-20-2019

    Waste water discharge from paper mills has always been a serious problem.Waste water treatment is also a concern of everyone. Wastewater treatment uses a number of physical, chemical and biological methods to treat wastewater.This can achieve the purpose of purifying water resources and reducing ... Read more »

  • Silicone defoamer technical indicators, quotation, performance and use
    by admin on 11-19-2019

    Defoamer is an auxiliary agent whose function is to eliminate the foam formed by the material during the production process.The main component of silicone defoamer is silicone oil.Silicone oil is a non-volatile oily liquid at room temperature.Silicon oil in water, animal and vegetable oil and min... Read more »

  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of mineral oil defoamer and its application?
    by admin on 11-14-2019

    Mineral oil defoamers are usually composed of a carrier and an active agent, and the carrier functions as a carrier and a diluent. The action of the active agent is to prevent and defoam the foam. Mineral oil defoamer has a low surface tension and can play a preventive role. Mineral oil is insolu... Read more »

  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of silicone defoamer and its application?
    by admin on 11-13-2019

    Silicone defoamer Its main component is silicon. Due to its special chemical structure, silicone oil is not compatible with water or polar group-containing substances, and is not compatible with hydrocarbons or hydrocarbon-containing organic compounds. Silicone oil is insoluble in various substan... Read more »

  • What should I do when the paint bubbles from the decoration? Paint defoamer to help you
    by admin on 11-06-2019

    What happens when the material manufacturer is about to load a large amount of foam, causing volume expansion, resulting in uneven weight of the drum? Does your factory have a sense of customer use because of improper packaging? Don’t worry, we have a coating defoamer.   First of all, why i... Read more »

  • What problems should be paid attention to during the use of wastewater treatment defoamer?
    by admin on 11-05-2019

    In the production process, because a large amount of wastewater is generated, the wastewater must be treated to meet the standards before discharge. Since most of the wastewater will produce a large amount of foam during the production process, too much foam affects the progress of water treatmen... Read more »