Development of defoaming agents for sewage treatment

Development of defoaming agents for sewage treatment

The effluent defoaming agent disperses evenly in the use process. It dilutes the bubbles with a non-ionic medium, then the bubble can be removed in a wide rangeif there’s no bubble,all major manufacturers can operate normally and orderly.It can be seen that defoaming agent is a very practical industrial liquid

 The movement of bubbles is the same as that of droplets, which, if present, will make the liquid more likely to overflow, thus causing a certain loss to the manufacturing industry. Moreover, air flow is also contained in the bubbles. For example, if the paper industry compresses the bubbles during production, the paper pulp produced by the bubbles will be unevenly distributed, which will affect the quality and operation of the enterprise’s production.

In previous,sewage defoaming agent has not available, people only use other types of defoaming agent, although this can eliminate certain bubble, but in fact, it’s not 100% perfect to suppress bubbles. For this situation, intensified the research and development, Then, in combination with other defoamer manufacturers launched different types of defoaming agents ,sewage defoaming agent is one of them.

 At the initial stage of application, many manufacturers did not pay attention to the impact of bubbles in sewage. However, with the increasingly fierce competition in the industry, how to ensure the quality of products and the needs of the social population has become the main concern of these manufacturers. Therefore, antifoaming agent products have been valued by the society and become an indispensable chemical liquid products.

 The effluent antifoam has the advantages of knock down fast , good persistency and good diffusion permeability. It seems that various types of antifoaming agents in the application of the way are not far different, SIXIN technologies remind that virtually every kind of anti-foaming agents ,chemicals are very different in the production of the material. customers must choose the products which produced by excellent manufacturers, to achieve the expected effect.


Post time: Jul-30-2018