Application Details of Desulfurization Defoamer

SIXIN Defoamer 12-Oct


In the power generation process of the power plant, there will be problems of desulfurization.During the operation of the desulfurization device, due to certain factors causing the absorption tower slurry foaming, which leads to overflow of absorption tower, At this time,defoamer is needed. Today SIXIN Technology will talk about the benefit of using defoamers in the desulfurization process.

Improve desulfurization efficiency

After using desulfurization defoamer, it’s generally not necessary to use other euipment for modification, because the defoamer can not only help to improve liquid transfer rate of carbon dioxide itself, but also can strengthen the absorption of carbon dioxide, and finally can eventually improve the desulfurization rate.

Reduce Loss

It can reduce the loss in produciton for the manufacturer, through this, it can greatly improve the operating efficiency within the scope of the design, and the liquid-gas ratio required by the system itself can be relatively reduced, the power consumption rate of the desulfurization system manufacturer can be reduced to save costs.

Reduce the amount of limestone

Reducing the amount of limestone is to increase the ultizaiton rate of desulfurizer.So the defoamer to eliminate foam can improve the solubility of limestone, thereby reducing the resistance of liquid phase and promoting the dissolution effect of limestone.


It can be seen that the desulfulrization defoamer has many advantages for the actual desulfulrization process, and the most widely used is the polyether category of defoamer, you can try the effect.

Post time: Nov-16-2018