How to solve the hazards of asbestos tile foaming? Asbestos tile defoamer for your answer!

Asbestos tile is also called “asbestos”. Asbestos tile is a kind of natural mineral. Asbestos tile is a kind of building material that is easy to produce, low in cost and widely used. However, a large amount of foam is produced during the production of asbestos tile. The presence of these foams directly affects the loading of the felts, causing the blankets to clog, forming a vicious circle, and even causing great harm to the production process and human health. In order to prevent the foam in the asbestos tile production from spreading again, the asbestos tile defoamer to a certain extent can control the production of foam.


Reasons why asbestos produces foam:

Asbestos tile is made of cement, asbestos fiber and mortar as the main raw material, supplemented with pulp, glass fiber, etc. Due to the presence of easily foaming components such as pulp and asbestos in the slurry, coupled with rapid stirring, resulting in a large amount of foam in the production.

The hazards of asbestos foaming

1. Foam will affect the appearance and strength of the product. Surface honeycomb coal-like, strength is not up to standard

2. The production of foam directly affects the feeding of the felt, causing the carpet to clog and form a vicious circle, which will also cause great harm to the production process.

3. Foam will lead to deterioration of product quality, affecting fire, moisture, corrosion, heat and cold resistance.

4. The pump circulation foam in the water tank of asbestos tile and calcium silicate plate is very high, overflowing the water tank.

How to solve the hazards of asbestos tile foam?

The use of asbestos defoamer controls the amount of foam in the production process to a certain extent, because it is specially used for the elimination of harmful foaming during the rapid curing of cement, and the prevention of foam generation during construction, effectively inhibit the influence of air bubbles in cement stone on the strength properties of cement materials. Because most manufacturers use carbon black before use, but carbon black is seasonal and unstable, so now the commonly used asbestos defoamers are carbon black, tributyl phosphate, high alcohol, silicon, polyether, polyether modified silicon, but the effect of polyether defoamer is better.

Post time: Oct-17-2019