Attentions when using silicone defoamers

Silicone defoamers can be widely used in various industries. There are still some errors when using silicone defoamers.Today SIXIN is going to talk about the attentions you need to pay to during the use of silicone defoamers.

Firstly,mix the defoamer emulsion fully before use.Because uneven emulsion will easily lead to oil water separation and affect the performance of defoamers. 

Secondly,silicone defoamer can be diluted before use.But the stability of defoamer may be affected,may cause oil water separation.So we suggest customers use thickening agent to dilute defoamers.

If the cutomer use water to dilute defoamers,pls add the water into defoamers and stir slowly.Use all the diluted defoamer at the same day. 

Thirdly, prevent frost. Silicone defoamers are susceptible to frost and overheating and are easily damaged. If the defoamer has been frozen, pls defrost carefully and test before use. 

Fourthly,strong long time vibration or strong shear (such as the use of mechanical pumps, homogenizer, etc.) or mixing will destroy the stability of defoamers, so pay attention to the storage of silicone defoamers. 

These are the tips that SIXIN summarize with so many years experience in defoamer manufacturing,marketing and after sales service. I hope it can help when you use silicone defoamers.

Post time: Jan-05-2018