Can you use a thin defoamer with water?

Can you use a thin defoamer with water?


In your daily use of defoamer, more or less will encounter the problem of defoamer thinning. You must be curious that whether the water can be diluted, can you use it after thinning? So today, SIXIN Defoamers will come to talk about the Defoamers Thinning.


Defects of using a thin defoamer with water

(1) Poor stability. The increasing ratio of thin defoamers can not be guaranteed consistent every time if directly thinning defoamer with water. So the stability of the defomamers will be deteriorated, and sometimes the defoaming performance may be poor, sometimes The foaming performance is good and the stability is not guaranteed.


(2) Easy to stratify. The water thinning defoamer breaks the viscosity system of the defoamer itself. So it will cause delamination, making the defoamer look unbalanced and even appear white floating.


(3) Deterioration of defoaming performance. The defoamers added with water will obviously reduce the effective content, which is the so-called solid content is seriously affected. Then in such a low solid content, the defoaming performance will be greatly reduced.


Under what circumstances can you use water to thin defoamers?

Above we talked about the shortcomings of using water to thin defoamers, then is it not possible to thin defoamers with water? Of course, it is not all. In some cases, you can directly use water to thin defoamers. If you are an end customer and use it in the field, you can consider using water directly to thin it. This will not cause too much impact on production. But you must ensure that the thinning process and usning are on the same day.


Under what circumstances you can not use water to open thin?

If you are not an end customer and are not using it at the time, we do not recommend that you use water to thin it. As it will cause a series of defects and the storage of the product will be affected. If it is left for a long time, it will deteriorate. And even the production will be affected.

In summary, in the daily use of defoamers, we must know the defects of using water to thin defoamer, when you can and when you can not. So that can help you to produce and save cost.


Post time: Sep-27-2018