Misunderstanding Choice for Coating Defoamer

Are you the manufacture of coating material? Are you using solid defoamers? It might be a misunderstanding area because we do not suggest to use solid defoamers for coating industries. We have three view points:


1.Easy to precipitate

Spilling is the main way to add solid defoamer. Coating material has big viscosity. If defoamers particle size is too small, it can not be dissolved well in the system. A lot of precipitate will occur.

2.Poor compatibility

Some of defoamers become precipitation while some of them will suspended in coating because of the same reason. These parts will become impurity. The gas hole will remain while using it to make coating surface. The overall effect will be destroyed.

3.Increased production costs

Due to the compatibility and precipitate, the foam cannot be removed effectively. All we can do is to increase the adding rate. The production cost will be higher than normal. If we dissolve defaomers into the water in advance, the real using effect will decrease too.

Post time: Jun-06-2019