Defoamer failure analysis

Defoamer will also fail, this problem is defoamer manufacturers concern. Today I will tell you a few reasons why the defoamer fails.


  1. Defoamer storage time is too long

The normal time of the defoamer storage is 9~12 months when the storage conditions are met. If it can’t meet the storage conditions or the storage time is too long, the defoamer will be in a layered state, and the defoamer fails.

2. Defoamer particles become too small or too large

Over time, the active ingredient of the defoamer will be affected by the foaming surfactant so that the particles become smaller but not enough to brust. If the active ingredient of the defomer is too “affinitive” with the foaming liquid, the defoamer particles will become too small and the tendency to fail is greater.

In the foaming liquid, there is a possibility that the defoaming particles collide and become larger when the defoamer particles collide. Furthermore, the defomer accumulates on the bubble film, and when the continuous foam flows from the liquid to the surface, it concentrating antifoam particles that distributed inside the liquid into the foam layer on the liquid surface In the foam layer like ’flotation’, after the foam brust and turned into a small amount of liquid, a large amount of defoamer particles are accumulated in a small amount of liquid, thus the defomer particles are easily condensed. When the affinity of the antifoaming active ingredient and the foaming liquid is too weak, the tendency to aggregate is also large.

3.The surface properties of defoamer particles changed

The foaming surfactant in the foaming liquid is attached to the active ingredient particles of the defoamer, so that the active ingredient is solubilized and becomes a lyophilic molecular group. Thus, although some foaming agents can be consumed to reduce some foaming power, at the same time, the surface properties of the defomer active ingredients are changed and lose the defoaming activity. When the concentration of the foaming agent in the system increases, defoaming becomes more difficult. On the one hand, the foaming power is enhanced, and on the other hand, the foaming agent changes the surface properties of the defoamer.

Post time: Jul-15-2019