Solutions seeked by Cement Products Manufacturers everywhere—Defoamer for Cement Products

Cement products are products made of cement, and “cement products” closely surround the cement industry. Cement products may produce a lot of foam in the process of production, and these foams cause the cement products manufacturers to be very upset. The foam seriously jeopardize the dispersion and flow performance of the products, and even increase the excessive cost and harm to the production equipment. It can pollute the surrounding environment. In order not to let the foam continue to spread, manufacturers are looking for solutions, and finally find defoamer for cement products.

Reasons for foam in cement products:

1. Excessive surfactant leads to foam generation

2. Due to the agitation during production, the entry of gas, resulting in the emergence of foam

3. Other additives added during production produce volatilization, resulting in foam generation

The harm of foam in cement products:

1. Foam will affect the appearance and strength of the product, the honeycomb briquette on the surface, the strength is not up to standard.

2. Foam will affect the dispersion, plasticizing and fluidity of the product.

3. Foam will cause the quality of products to decline, affecting fire prevention, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, heat resistance and cold resistance.

4. Foam will lead to the presence of air in the product affect the firmness of the product.


Why use cement defoamer?

Because the defoamer for cement products is developed by technology, it belongs to the defoamer synthesized by polyether and other components. It is suitable for defoaming under strong acid and alkali conditions. When the PH value of the defoaming system is 14, many silicone defoamers have demulsified and bleached oil, losing the physical state of defoamers, which not only reduces or disappears the defoaming power, but also brings unexpected disadvantages to the process behind defoamers. This series of defoamers can keep good physical state at this temperature. Instead of demulsification, oil bleaching and defoaming, they have stronger defoaming and anti-foaming effect than normal temperature. They can defoam quickly, inhibit foam for a long time, and no smell. They will not pollute the environment. The use of SIXIN defoamers is low in dosage and low in cost. A series of cement mortar defoamers produced by SIXIN Science and Technology are mainly used in the production of cement mortar, water reducer, concrete, asbestos tile, calcium silicate board, putty powder, slurry, reinforcing agent and other production processes.

Post time: Jul-01-2019