Development of defoamer for sewage treatment

The sewage defoamer is more evenly dispersed during use, and it relies on a non-ionic medium to dilute the foams, so as to eliminate the foams in a large range. In this way, the foam is no longer, manufacturers can operate normally and orderly, it can be seen that defoaming agent is a very practical industrial liquid.


Foams have the same movement rules as liquid droplets. If foams appear, the liquid will be easier to overflow, which will bring a certain loss to the production and manufacturing industry.And the foams also contain a certain air flow,for example, if the foams are compressed during production in the papermaking industry, it will make the pulp produced uneven distribution, which will affect the quality and operation of enterprise production.

Before the emergence of sewage defoamer, people can only use other types of defoamer, so that although it has a certain effect on eliminate the foam , but in fact, it can not play a perfect role in restraining the foaming of one hundred percent. Therefore, research and development efforts were intensified in view of this situation,then combined with other defoaming manufacturers to launch different types of defoamer, sewage defoamer is one of them.

At the initial stage of use, many manufacturers did not pay attention to the impact of foams in the sewage, but with the increasingly fierce competition in the industry, how to ensure the quality of products and the needs of social groups has become the main issue for these manufacturers to consider.Therefore, defoamer products are valued by the society and become indispensable chemical liquid products.

Sewage defoamer has the advantages of fast defoaming, good inhibitive and good diffusion permeability.A variety of defoamers seem to be used in the use of not far from the way, SIXIN Technology reminds the fact that each defoamer used in the production of materials, chemical substances are very different.We believe only by choosing the products produced by the best manufacturers can achieve the expected effect.

Post time: Jul-17-2019