Standard Addition Of Defoamer Water Treatment


1. Alcohol Defoamer For Water Treatment: Alcohol defoaming agent dosage is generally in the range of 0.01-0.10%.

2. Grease-like Defoamer For Water Treatment: The added amount of grease-like defoamer was between 0.05-2%, and the added amount of fatty acid ester defoaming agent was between 0.002-0.2%.

3. Amide Defoamer For Water Treatment: The effect of amide defoaming agent is better, and the dosage is generally within 0.002-0.005%.

4. Phosphoric Acid Class Defoamer For Water Treatment: Phosphoric acid defoaming agents are most commonly used in fibers and lubricants, and are added between 0.025 and 0.25%.

5. Amines Defoamer For Water Treatment: Amine defoaming agents are mainly used in fiber processing, with an additive amount of 0.02-2%.

6. Ether Antifoaming Agent For Water Treatment: Ether antifoaming agents in paper printing and dyeing, cleaning and more, the amount of addition is generally 0.025-0.25%.


Still want to make sure of oneself bubble system, it is water system or oily system.Choosing the appropriate water treatment defoaming agent, comparing the adding amount, and then referring to the price, we can get the most suitable and economical defoaming agent product.The amount of defoamer should also be considered. There are many kinds of defoamer, and different types of defoamer require different amount of addition. With the high pressure of environmental protection supervision, environmental protection should also be considered, which is also an implicit cost.

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Post time: May-30-2019