Defoamer test method—-Chemical building materials (mortar)



1. Antifoaming performance(high speed dispersion density measurement method)

①weighing empty measuring cylinder mass m1

②add 150g foaming liquid to 250ml small stainless steel cup, disperse for 1min with 600rpm speed at high speed dispersing machine.

③Then increase the stirring speed to 900rpm and disperse at high speed for 5mins, immediately the foaming medium was poured into the measuring cylinder and the mass m2 was weighed and the volume V was recorded.

Density calculation ρ method is as follows:

ρ =(m2-m1)/V

ρ : density,  m1:empty measuring cylinder mass, V:foaming liquid volume,  m2: total mass of empty measuring cylinder and foaming liquid

2. Solid content testing(tools: Oven,watch glass)

①open the oven,set the temperature to 105°wash and dry the watch glass.

②weigh a certain amount of defoamer sample and spread it on the watch glass, record the weight of the watch glass before and after adding the defoamer m1, m2

③place the water glass with the sample in the oven ,turn off the oven after 1hand place the water glass in the dryer to cool and weigh it m3

④ sample solid content: W=(m3-m1)/(m2-m1)*100%

3. Viscosity(Tools: mechanical viscometer, constant temperature water bath pot)

①open the water bath pot and set to the desired temperature.

 Wash the viscometer, add a standard amount of defoamer sample, turn on the circulating water, and keep the temperature for 15 minutes.

 Calibrate the viscometer, select the appropriate rotor, turn on the viscometer, read and record

4. Particle size(Test D50, D90 and tail peak with particle size meter)

Turn on the power of particle size analyzer dispersing device and the optical system, preheat for about 30 minutes, then start the computer and run the laser particle size analyzer program.

5. Self stability (shaker method, oven method)

6. Performance bubble (slice method)

Test statistics

Product name: _________________

Test items Excellent Good poor
Defoaming/bubble breaking speed
Foam-inhibiting time
Solid content
Particle size
Performance bubble



Post time: Nov-16-2018