Defoamer usage problems SIXIN technical service engineers Summarize


Sometimes,defoamers passed the lab and pilot test.But when customers begin to test on site,its performance is not good.

Customers complain that defoamer quality is not stable and ask SIXIN techinical service engineer to come to solve the problems.

After communicating with customers,our engineer summarized that most of the problems are not cause by our defoamer quality.Possible reasons are as following:

Defoamer suits your foaming system or not

Many customers just use some soapy water to do bottle shaking test.But the real foaming system is totally different from the soapy water,it’s improper to use soapy water to do evaluation test to determine whether the defoamer is good or not.

So SIXIN suggest that we need to use the real foaming solution to do test.

Defoamer applicable PH range

Strong acid and alkali environment has high demand of defoamer.It’s really important to inform us the PH value of foaming system in advance. There will be a demulsification if the defoamer isn’t resistant to strong acid/alkali and performance of defoamer will be affected.

The storage condition of defoamer

The performance of some type of defoamers is so good at the preliminary period, but when store for some time, the performance will be worse. Because defoamers belong to chemicals, which are sensitive to the surrounding temperature and moisture, thus, the storage condition of defoamers should pay much attention to.

Focus on the dynamic performance of defoamer

The customers use defoamer in different industries and technics, so the points the customers focus on are different. Some customers concern on the defoaming performance, while some concern on the antifoaming performance.So when choosing a suitable product, communicating the detailed needs with technicians is necessary, which will help purchaser to know what is the important indexes to focus on.

Difference between lab test and on-site trial

The data and results which getting in the laboratory are limited, only can be used as reference, because laboratory test can not simulate every step of the on-site trial.Thus,when the laboratory test passed, SIXIN technicians normally recommend them to buy more products to do on-site trail, at last come to regular orders.

The selection and application of defoamer seems difficult, actually, it is simple. As long as you can pay attention to the above items, and do further communications with defoamer suppliers, you can better fix the potential issues. You can adjust the procurement pattern referring to the above methods,so as to find a suitable product quickly.