Defoaming Features of Defoamer

Defoaming Features of Defoamer


(1) The defoamer reduces the local surface tension of the foam liquid film and defoams. Because the surface tension of the defoamer droplets is lower than the surface tension of the foam liquid film, after the defoamer is added to the foam system, the defoamer droplets contact the foam liquid film, which can make the surface tension of the foam liquid film here Reduced, the surface tension of the liquid film around other foams hardly changed. In this way, the part with reduced surface tension is strongly pulled and stretched around, and finally the foam is broken to achieve the purpose of defoaming.

(2) The antifoaming agent destroys the elasticity of the liquid film, causing the liquid film to lose self-repairing effect and defoaming. The elasticity of the liquid film is usually one of the important factors affecting the stability of the foam.

(3) The defoamer reduces the viscosity of the liquid film, shortens the foam life and defoams. The high surface viscosity of the foam liquid film will increase the strength of the liquid film, slow down the drainage rate of the liquid film, reduce the gas permeability of the liquid film, prevent the gas diffusion in the bubble, etc., and extend the life of the bubble and stabilize the foam.




Post time: Dec-04-2019