Is it possible to use water dilute defoamer?

In your daily use of defoamers, more or less you will encounter the problem of defoamers dilution. You must be curious whether water can be diluted, can you use it after dilution?. So today, SIXIN defoamer will tell you about the dilution of defoamer.


Defects of water dilute defoamer

(1) Poor stability. Directly using water to dilute defoamers can not guarantee the same ratio of defoamers, so the stability of defoamers will deteriorate. Sometimes the defoamers have poor defoaming performance, sometimes the defoamers have good defoaming performance and the stability can not be guaranteed.

(2) Easily separation. Dilute defoamer by water breaks the viscosity system of defoamer itself, so it will produce layers, which make the appearance of defoamer look very uneven, and even appear white floating.

(3) The anti-foaming performance become worse. With the addition of water into defoamer, the effective content will be significantly reduced, that is the so-called solid content will be seriously affected, so in such a low solid content, the anti-foaming performance will be greatly reduced.

Post time: Jul-04-2019