You need to choose correct thickener during defoamers dilution

How to choose the correct thickener when your defoamers need to be diluted?



Some thickeners thicken well at the time. But over time the thickener liquefies. The water and the active substance in the emulsion are separated, which is what we call layering, or demulsification. This situation will seriously affect the quality of defoamer.

2.convenient to use

Some thickeners are extremely difficult to use. It needs to be added to a certain amount of water and dissolved for a long time before it can be used. It’s a waste of time. Some thickeners need to be stirred for a long time in a high speed disperser to have a good uniform thickening effect. Some powdery thickeners, if not stirred well before use, will form a group, seriously affecting the quality of products. Use a thickener that dissolves and thickens quickly.

3.Stable quality

The quality of some thickeners themselves is very unstable, which can seriously affect the quality of products when used.

4.Cost effective

Some thickeners are cheap, but add a lot of them and they are expensive to use. Some thickener more expensive, but add a small amount, good effect, but the use of the cost of a lot of reduction.

5.There is no best, only the most suitable

To choose the most suitable for their own products, the best effect, use the lowest cost, use the most convenient thickener, will be used after a small trial to determine.

To sum up, we choose defoaming agent not the most expensive, not the cheapest, only the most suitable thickener to help our water based defoaming agent thickening, so as to improve the stability, appearance, and quality of defoaming agent.

Post time: Aug-06-2019