How to accurately select silicone defoamer suppliers

How to accurately select silicone defoamer suppliers



Silicone defoamers are currently the most widely used defoamers, but in the face of a wide range of defoamer suppliers, it is critical to choose the right supplier. Now, Sixin Technology will tell you how to choose the right silicone defoamer supplier.

1. Is there a quality guarantee?

Quality is fundamental to the product. Regardless of the brand name of the defoamer or the price is more favorable, as long as the quality is not good, you can not choose it. Any product production is based on quality. Therefore, for a silicon-free defoamer supplier choosing, regardless of the brand size, the quality must be first choice.

2. Is the technical research and development strength strong?

The technical strength of defoamer suppliers is another important indicator for selecting products. In addition to providing high-quality products, suppliers with strong technical strength can provide perfect technical support.

3. The brand strength also depends

Quality is fundamental, that’s the first point of choice, but with the advent of the era of homogenization, the products of different suppliers are more and more similar. In this case, we must look at the brand strength, the supplier with strong brand strength will be the first choice.

4. How is the reputation?

As the saying goes: “One who is not creditable cannot reach an inch further.” If there is no credibility, the interests of customers will not be guaranteed. Therefore, when purchasing antifoams, we must pay attention to the reputation of the suppliers.

Above four points are keys for how to choose silicone defoamer supplier. In summary, it can be understood as: have a look, ask questions and have a trial. Look at the quality of the supplier, whether the technical strength is strong, whether it has its own independent brand, reputation Second, ask about product performance and related index, and last you have to have a try.

Post time: Aug-31-2018