How to select silicone defoamer supplier accurately

Silicone defoamer is widely used and is also one of the most used defoamers at present. However, how to choose the right supplier in the face of various defoamer suppliers is the key.Today SIXIN Technologies can to tell you how to choose the right silicone defoamer supplier.


1. Quality assurance

Quality is the essence of a product. No matter how famous the brand is, or how preferential the price is, do not choose that as long as the quality is not good. You should know that any product production is based on quality, and the quality of the defoamer will not affect the quality of the production. Therefore, the choice of silicon – free defoamer suppliers, regardless of brand size, quality must be first.

2. Ttechnology R&D strength

The technical strength of defoamer suppliers is another important indicator for choosing products. Suppliers with strong technical strength can not only provide high-quality products, but also perfect technical support.

3. Brand strength

Quality is the first choice. However, in the age of product homogeneity, the products of different suppliers are more and more similar. So we should inspect the brand strength, a big supplier is a good choice.

4. Reputation

The interests of customers can not be guaranteed if the supplier is lack of credibility. Therefore, it’s important to focus on the supplier’s reputation or public praise in the purchase of antifoamer.

The four tips above is the precise selection of silicone defoamer supplier, which can be summarized as follows: 1. Look(Quality of the supplier & Technical strength & Independent brand & Reputation) 2. Ask(Product performance & Related indexes) 3. Try


Post time: Apr-30-2019