How to select solid defoamer?

How to select solid defoamer?

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Many people will be confused when purchasing solid defoamers, because they’re not good at the testing and selection, and some problems of solid defoamers in the trial test can not be solved and reflected. New we SIXIN make simple summary for some secrets of solid defoamers.

Different carriers

In addition to raw materials, solid defoamers have a very important ingredient, which is the carrier! The carrier is different, the effect is different, and the price difference is also large. At present, the defoaming agent industry is mainly divided into two kinds of carriers, one is starch and the other is Zeolite. The defoamer of starch carrier has the advantage that there will be no precipitation, and the defoaming performance will be better, but the disadvantage is that the price is definitely slightly higher; while the advantage of Zeolite is that the price is low, but the disadvantage is that it is easy to precipitate. Block the pipe and damage the equipment.

Solid defoamers also have classification

Do not think that the solid defoamer has no classification, that is a big mistake. The solid defoamer also has silicone and inorganic silicon. The silicone has better anti-foaming performance, and the anti-attenuation performance of inorganic silicon is more prominent. Therefore, when your foaming system is repeatedly foaming, you may need a solid defoamer of inorganic silicon at this time. If you choose silicone, the dosage will be larger.

Adding methods

Solid defoamers are also used in different ways. They are added directly according to the amount, and are also added by splashing, and then stirred. Depending on the industry, the method of addition is also different. For example, if the enterprises in the sewage treatment industry choose to add solid defoamer, then there will be waste and the cost will increase.

The solid defoamer seems to be simple. In fact, it is not easy to choose. The above are small secrets in the purchase process, and those are also small skills to help you choose more accurately.

Post time: Aug-31-2018