How to use defoamers correctly in acrylic paint

Acrylic paint is a kind of coating we can see in our daily life.The bubbles shall occur during its production where the defoamers is used to eliminate foam.Then how to use defoamers correctly to eliminate foma? Today we SIXIN introduce you how to use defoamers in acrylic paint.It shall not affect the foaming system, characterized by the strong antifoaming power, lower dosage. Also it has such properties as the non-floating, strong acid resistance, good compatibility, fast defoaming speed, good stability, easy dispersion in water and strong versatility.


Please pay attention to stir fully when using. Stirring time is an important indicator to fully exert the effect of the defoamer. Defoamers shall be gathered together if stirred insufficiently, which shall make it easily agglomerated and filtered out. Nowadays, many people tend to add defoamers finally. In this case, if defoamers is not stirred well, it is likely to be turbid, bleaching,weaken defoaming and shorten anitifoaming time.Defoamers can be added into the product after its foaming or as antifoaming formula.According to different use systems, the amount of defoaming agent added is 0.1-0.3%, and the optimum amount is determined according to the specific conditions. Defoamers’ dosage can be 0.1-0.3% for different applications while its best dosage is up to the case study.

To conclude, its correct use plays a key role meanwhile using the right defoamers. You can refer to the above method if you are acrylic paint manufacturer, which will definitely help u!

Post time: Jun-27-2019