Jiangsu Sixin SCI-TECH held “report on ipr and PCT patent work”

Jiangsu Sixin SCI-TECH held “report on ipr and PCT patent work”



Recently, the state intellectual property office invited Malthias reischlc-park, deputy director of the law department of the world intellectual property organization (wipo), to investigate foreign-oriented high-tech enterprises in nanjing.图片1


The World Intellectual property organization is known as WIPO. A specialized agency of the United Nations for the protection of intellectual property rights. Established in accordance with the convention on the establishment of the world intellectual property organization. The organization encourages states concerned to conclude international agreements to promote the protection of intellectual property rights; Providing assistance to legislation and establish institutions on intellectual property in developing countries; Collect and disseminate information on the protection of intellectual property rights, conduct and promote research in this area, and publish research results.

Morning July 10, Jiangsu Sixin SCI-TECH CO.LTD oriented WIPO held “intellectual property rights and PCT patent work report meeting”, the meeting also invited the relevant leaders from the state intellectual property office, intellectual property office of jiangsu province, nanjing science and technology commission, the district technology bureau, and carried on the thorough and extensive discussion and interacti about” patent applicant relevant intellectual property laws and regulations “and”applicant

inspector channels of communication “ 

At the meeting, Mr. Cao tian, general manager of sixin science and technology, made a speech, briefly introducing the advantages of sixin technology in science and technology innovation. He also promised that sixin will continue to make independent innovation and make continuous progress towards strong intellectual property rights enterprises in the face of the fierce market environment.

Then , Mr. Huang wei, the director of intellectual property rights of the SIXIN technologies, described the achievements in intellectual property in the past four decades and the work plans for the next few years in detail. SIXIN is the largest manufacturer of antifoaming agent patents in China,which gain 4 international patents and 56 Chinese patents in total.At the same time, SIXIN is the maker of one national standard and six industry standards, and has certain guiding ability to the anti-foaming agent industry.

Finally, Mr. Parker, deputy director of the legal department of WIPO PCT, and Mr. Yu zhilong, senior legal officer of the legal department of WIPO PCT, answered the questions and requirements about the intellectual property application of the SIXIN companies and affirmed their achievements in patent application .

SIXIN will be good at scientific research in the future and improve its products and technologies , and serve the chemical industry better.


Post time: Jul-30-2018