“Nanjing Friendship award”was given to this foreign expert

On May 2nd,Nanjing government post published the winners list of the “Nanjing friendship award”.10 foreign experts including Anthony Kwabla Dotse won the 2018 “Nanjing friendship award”

 According to information,from year 2007 on,the Nanjing government established the “Nanjing friendship award”,which is organized the selection every 2 years.This award is the blue ribbon for the foreign experts in order to commend their brilliant contribution to the economic construction and the society development in every field.10 foreign experts who won the award this year,come from Germany,the USA,Spain,Britain,Australia,and Mexico.Among them,including the education experts who work at Nanjing for a long time,medical specialist,management expert,business operation expert,and the technology expert.