• How to choose a suitable defoamer for low viscosity waterborne acrylic adhesives
    by admin on 10-30-2019

    Defoamer is a substance with low surface tension and high surface activity, which can inhibit and eliminate foam in liquid, that is to say, defoamer can reduce the surface tension of water, solution, suspension, etc., prevent foam generation or make original Some bubbles are eliminated. Long-term... Read more »

  • Reasons and solutions for defoaming of foam concrete
    by admin on 10-29-2019

    Reasons for defoaming of foam concrete: No.1   The foaming agent has poor foam stability. The main reason for this is that the foaming agent we use uses a low-grade surfactant without using a foam stabilization measure, which causes the foam to disappear too quickly. No.2  No slurry stabilizer ... Read more »

  • Defoamer is also required in metalworking fluids
    by admin on 10-23-2019

    Defoamer is suitable for all walks of life. Different defoamers play a corresponding role in various industries. The cutting fluid is applied to the metal when it is in contact with a large amount of air, resulting in the generation of many bubbles. After the foam is generated and the surface of ... Read more »

  • Coating base:  Problems and Answers on defoamer use
    by admin on 10-22-2019

    1. Why does water-based paint blister? A: Because surfactants, dispersants, latent solvents, and resins themselves have the ability to form and stabilize bubbles; pure water (or any pure liquid) does not foam.   2. What should be done to control the foaming test? A: Although theoretical calculati... Read more »

  • How to solve the hazards of asbestos tile foaming? Asbestos tile defoamer for your answer!
    by admin on 10-17-2019

    Asbestos tile is also called “asbestos”. Asbestos tile is a kind of natural mineral. Asbestos tile is a kind of building material that is easy to produce, low in cost and widely used. However, a large amount of foam is produced during the production of asbestos tile. The presence of t... Read more »

  • Why does Food Industry need to use Silicone defoamers?
    by admin on 10-10-2019

    The food industry is related to the lives of ordinary people.Food processing companies attach great importance to food safety issues.They are also very cautious in the use of defoamers.Why does Food Industry need to use Silicone defoamers? There are two reasons: 1.High anti-foam performance to i... Read more »

  • The defoamer should be tested before it is used
    by admin on 09-29-2019

    When using defoamer, it should be tested first, otherwise it will not reach the ideal effect due to improper selection, or even produce certain harm. We can conduct qualitative or quantitative testing on the properties of defoamer according to the actual needs. Then what are the specific ways of ... Read more »

  • What are the advantages of silicone defoamer
    by admin on 09-11-2019

    With the continuous development of modern industrial society, organic silicon defoamer began to more widely applied, Its main function is to eliminate the foam caused by the material in the production process.It can avoid to affect the quality of the products, also can let its produce quality bet... Read more »

  • Defoaming Problem in Paper Mill – Professional Solution
    by admin on 09-06-2019

    Paper is the most commonly used item in our daily life. Whether reading books, reading newspapers, writing or painting, we have to contact with paper. In the production of industry, agriculture and national defense industry, paper is also indispensable. Paper making is one of the four great inven... Read more »

  • Why polyether defoamer is so prominent in so many kinds of defoamers?
    by admin on 08-26-2019

    There are many kinds of defoamers, including polyether defoamer, water-based defoamer, mineral oil defoamer, silicone defoamer and so on. Today we will talk about one of the important products – polyether defoamer.Polyether defoamer has many excellent characteristics, so in many defoamer is... Read more »

  • How to choose suitable defoamer?
    by admin on 08-20-2019

    There are many kinds of defoamer in the market, which make many customers confused and do not know how to choose brand defoamer. In order to perform the effect of defoamer, and can meet the requirement, we suggest you make sure your own needs, select the relevant type of defoamer, because there ... Read more »

  • Wastewater foam defoaming method
    by admin on 08-15-2019

    1. Chemical foam Active agent foam: When there are surfactants or other foaming substances such as detergents and colloidal organic substances in the sewage, a large amount of small and light white brown unstable foams will appear on the water surface under the conditions of water flow speed, dro... Read more »

  • Why is defoamer called “industrial MSG”?
    by admin on 08-12-2019

    In most applications, there is no need to delve into the cause of foaming, or it is impossible to pinpoint the cause of foaming. Moreover, the foaming factors in various industries are different. More specifically, it can be said that the foaming factors of each production process of each manufac... Read more »

  • There are so many ways to choose defoaming agents
    by admin on 08-08-2019

    As a member of the chemical industry, editor me walks around the big BBS every day to get the latest industry consultation, especially on the defogging related posts, found the following questions are not a few. So editor gathered the following notes to learn with you. At present, there is no on... Read more »

  • You need to choose correct thickener during defoamers dilution
    by admin on 08-06-2019

    How to choose the correct thickener when your defoamers need to be diluted? 1.Stability Some thickeners thicken well at the time. But over time the thickener liquefies. The water and the active substance in the emulsion are separated, which is what we call layering, or demulsification. This situ... Read more »

  • What are the factors that affect the defoaming effect of defoamer?
    by admin on 08-01-2019

    Defoamer is a widely used product used in various industries, today we mainly to introduce the textile dyeing defoamer use method. 1、    Firstly, dilute the product with water by 1:30 times before adding, adding the amount of 0.1% to 0.5%. An appropriate amount of defoamer can effectively preve... Read more »