• Clear detergent special defoamer for you to solve the problem of washing
    by admin on 07-30-2019

    In order to comply with the new development of the market, the defoamer industry has been developing and innovating constantly. Aiming at the problem of washing and foaming, the special defoamer for clear detergent has been successfully developed. This series of products are mainly used in the da... Read more »

  • Why does floating oil happen on defoamer sometimes?
    by admin on 07-25-2019

    The stability of the emulsifyfing defoamer is achieved by a certain process by a certain concentration of emulsifier and stabilizer. Although the oily substance in the emulsion has a large specific surface and is thermodynamically unstable. The emulsion itself is relatively stable due to the pres... Read more »

  • Application and characteristics of defoamer
    by admin on 07-23-2019

    Siloxane defoamer is currently recognized as the main general defoamer,which have two characteristics that are difficult to simultaneously possess with low surface tension and low volatility.Preservatives are food additives that inhibit microbial activity and prevent food spoilage.In order for fo... Read more »

  • Development of defoamer for sewage treatment
    by admin on 07-17-2019

    The sewage defoamer is more evenly dispersed during use, and it relies on a non-ionic medium to dilute the foams, so as to eliminate the foams in a large range. In this way, the foam is no longer, manufacturers can operate normally and orderly, it can be seen that defoaming agent is a very practi... Read more »

  • Defoamer failure analysis
    by admin on 07-15-2019

    Defoamer will also fail, this problem is defoamer manufacturers concern. Today I will tell you a few reasons why the defoamer fails. Defoamer storage time is too long The normal time of the defoamer storage is 9~12 months when the storage conditions are met. If it can’t meet the storage condit... Read more »

  • Which defoamer have good results in sewage treatment?
    by admin on 07-09-2019

    In the process of Industrial development, different treatment methods was available for different types of sewage treatment, thus the types of defoamers to be added are also different. Today I will take you learn what harm will it bring if there are bubbles in the sewage treatment? Which defoamer... Read more »

  • Is it possible to use water dilute defoamer?
    by admin on 07-04-2019

    In your daily use of defoamers, more or less you will encounter the problem of defoamers dilution. You must be curious whether water can be diluted, can you use it after dilution?. So today, SIXIN defoamer will tell you about the dilution of defoamer. Defects of water dilute defoamer (1) Poor st... Read more »

  • Solutions seeked by Cement Products Manufacturers everywhere—Defoamer for Cement Products
    by admin on 07-01-2019

    Cement products are products made of cement, and “cement products” closely surround the cement industry. Cement products may produce a lot of foam in the process of production, and these foams cause the cement products manufacturers to be very upset. The foam seriously jeopardize the ... Read more »

  • How to use defoamers correctly in acrylic paint
    by admin on 06-27-2019

    Acrylic paint is a kind of coating we can see in our daily life.The bubbles shall occur during its production where the defoamers is used to eliminate foam.Then how to use defoamers correctly to eliminate foma? Today we SIXIN introduce you how to use defoamers in acrylic paint.It shall not affect... Read more »

  • When is the defoamer added better?
    by admin on 06-25-2019

    Defoamer is small but works well, whose main function is to eliminate foam and inhibit foam regeneration, widely used in all walks of life.However, when using it first time, most workers who  have no knowledge of defoamer are bothered by problems that when is the defoamer added and whether added ... Read more »

  • How to choose the right water treatment defoamer
    by admin on 06-20-2019

    Defoamers are widely used and has a wide variety. The application of water treatment defoamers is more than 60% of the defoamer market. How to choose the right products in many water treatment defoamers? How do you know the addition level of water treatment defoamer? The use of poor defoamers is ... Read more »

  • by admin on 06-17-2019

    Recently always recieved customer complaints about product instability problems, and asked for door-to-door service to solve problems.By the communication with them by our technical service personnel,summed up the problem—all the inspection of defoamers in the factory passed, and trial tes... Read more »

  • Misunderstanding Choice for Coating Defoamer
    by admin on 06-06-2019

    Are you the manufacture of coating material? Are you using solid defoamers? It might be a misunderstanding area because we do not suggest to use solid defoamers for coating industries. We have three view points: 1.Easy to precipitate Spilling is the main way to add solid defoamer. Coating materi... Read more »

  • Standard Addition Of Defoamer Water Treatment
    by admin on 05-30-2019

      1. Alcohol Defoamer For Water Treatment: Alcohol defoaming agent dosage is generally in the range of 0.01-0.10%. 2. Grease-like Defoamer For Water Treatment: The added amount of grease-like defoamer was between 0.05-2%, and the added amount of fatty acid ester defoaming agent was between 0... Read more »

  • The main performance of defoamers is removing foam. When should defaomers be added?
    by admin on 05-24-2019

    As the most common defoamer,Silicone based defoamers are wildly used in different industries. However, misunderstanding is still existing during the progress of using.Today we talk about when it should be added and some notice before using. There are two time frame when Silicone is adding. 1.Add... Read more »

  • Application of defoaming agent in environmental protection water-based ink
    by admin on 05-15-2019

    In recent years, with the needs of building an environmentally friendly society and the improvement of people’s living standards, the amount of various packaging materials has increased significantly and becomes more and more beautiful, the demand for water-based coatings has increased sign... Read more »