• Decryption: The important factors that affect the performance of defoamers
    by admin on 05-10-2019

    The main role of defoamers in production process is defoaming, but why is the performance of same defoamer different during the application? It’s very simple, because many factors affect the performance of defoamers. Today SIXIN defoamers come to decipher the factors that affect the perform... Read more »

  • Rumors! Is the defoamer for food really harmful to human health?
    by admin on 05-07-2019

    There are many sayings about defoamers for food on the Internet. Some people always think that because it contains chemical elements, it must be harmful to the human’s health. But some other people think that since it can be listed as a defoamer with food approval, it means edible. Today, let me ... Read more »

  • How to select silicone defoamer supplier accurately
    by admin on 04-30-2019

    Silicone defoamer is widely used and is also one of the most used defoamers at present. However, how to choose the right supplier in the face of various defoamer suppliers is the key.Today SIXIN Technologies can to tell you how to choose the right silicone defoamer supplier. 1. Quality assurance... Read more »

  • Several aspects that defoamers should pay attention to during use
    by admin on 04-23-2019

    1. Consider whether the defoamer system is suitable for your own system First, you need to consider whether the system of defoamer is suitable for your industry. Because the defoamer has oily or watery differences, different defoamers are used in different industries. Second, you should consider... Read more »

  • The function of antifoaming agent in coating production was analyzed
    by admin on 04-18-2019

    Defoaming agent is widely used in coating production because of its low surface tension and high surface activity,and Many people think that defoaming agent in the paint production process is simply to play the role of defoaming. So the truth of the matter is really so, today small make up for yo... Read more »

  • Common problems in the use of defoamer
    by admin on 04-16-2019

    At present, the development of industrial production is very rapid. In the production process, defoamer is usually used to eliminate harmful foam. However, many manufacturers will encounter many problems when using defoamers. Here are some common problems in the use of defoamers. 1. The turbidit... Read more »

  • by admin on 04-12-2019

    In many cases, when you use an antifoaming agent, you will choose the appropriate defoamer according to your needs. But sometimes you will not know how to choose the defoamer, for example. Under certain circumstances, it is doubtful whether water treatment defoamer or polyether defoamer is good. ... Read more »

  • by admin on 04-10-2019

    There are many kinds of defoaming agents, which can be applied in various fields. So how to determine whether defoaming agents are suitable for your field and accurately judge their properties?In fact, it is very simple, as long as you find suitable defoaming agent detection method, you can accur... Read more »

  • by admin on 04-08-2019

    In industry production, foam is everywhere in such that as machine tanks of various types of processing fluids; various industrial cleaning tanks; various industrial and agricultural products and preparations; various production steps of petrochemical industry, water treatment, etc. Foam brings ... Read more »

  • by admin on 04-04-2019

    Foam frequently appears in construction industry such areas like cement slurry, floor, grouting agent, tile adhesive, exterior wall insulation, mortar, decorative mortar, putty powder, repair mortar, concrete, paint, water reducer, calcium silicate board , pulp, asbestos. For example: The proble... Read more »

  • by admin on 04-03-2019

    The problem of antifoaming agent dilution problem, I believe many defoaming agent related practitioners know a thing or two, and share with you how to correctly dilute defoaming agent. Add water to directly dilute the effect of defoaming agent 1. lack of stability: Adding water directly dilutes ... Read more »

  • by admin on 01-03-2019

    25-Dec, 2018 Representatives of the People’s Congress of Gulou District and CPPCC members came to visit Jiangsu SIXIN Scientific-Technological Application Research Institute Co., Ltd.,hereinafter referred SIXIN, in Innovative Town of Mufu by 25th Dec. Zhang Li, director of the Science and... Read more »

  • by admin on 01-03-2019

    20-Dec, 2018 Adhesives for package is widely used in coating industry.However, the problem of foaming of water-based adhesives is indeed causing many unnecessary troubles for manufacturers and users.At this time, they generally choose to use a certain amount of water-based adhesives to solve the... Read more »

  • by admin on 11-16-2018

    SIXIN defoamer 14th, Nov Water Reducer The water reducer refers to the admixture which can reduce the water consumption of mixing and increase the concrete strength under the condition of constant workability of concrete and the amount of cement, or to save the the amount of cement under the cond... Read more »

  • by admin on 11-16-2018

    SIXIN DEFOAMER 31th, Oct. 1. Antifoaming performance(high speed dispersion density measurement method) ①weighing empty measuring cylinder mass m1 ②add 150g foaming liquid to 250ml small stainless steel cup, disperse for 1min with 600rpm speed at high speed dispersing machine. ③Then increase the ... Read more »

  • by admin on 11-16-2018

    SIXIN DEFOAMER 16-Oct. 【EU REACH CERTIFICATION】 Product Series —X-8054 silicone defoamer High content, High Cost effective, Strong compatibility 【Which industry】 is X-8054 suitable for? ■Laundry detergent What are the 【advantages】 of X-8054 as a laundry detergent defoamer? ■It consist... Read more »