What should I do when the paint bubbles from the decoration? Paint defoamer to help you

What happens when the material manufacturer is about to load a large amount of foam, causing volume expansion, resulting in uneven weight of the drum? Does your factory have a sense of customer use because of improper packaging? Don’t worry, we have a coating defoamer.


First of all, why is the paint used for decoration foaming? Is the quality bad? In fact, it doesn’t matter to the quality problem. First, it is caused by the necessary stirring during the production of the factory, causing severe foaming. Second, because the gas dissolved in the paint is released with the increase of temperature to generate bubbles; the third is the improper surface treatment of the substrate. As long as the surface is contaminated with wax, oil, dust or soluble salts, even if there is a volatile gas, it will induce foaming. Therefore, manufacturers have high requirements for the protection of paint.

Why do you think these bubbles are tricky?

The presence of foam limits the speed of agitation, which not only lengthens the blending time, but also prevents the filler and dye from being sufficiently wetted. When the material factory is operated, the drum cannot be filled, and the foam gradually disappears, resulting in the weight of the drum. Uniform, interferes with continuous packaging; the foam lasts for a long time, leading to poor fluidity during construction, surface defects, unevenness, rupture during film formation, etc., often causing shrinkage, pinholes, defects, fish Eyes and other ills seriously affect the appearance.

Therefore, defoaming measures are indispensable, and the coating defoaming agent is especially suitable for water-based coating systems, which can prevent microbubbles and large bubbles, has high defoaming efficiency, complete defoaming film formation, and high compatibility; The generation of secondary bubbles, the foam inhibition performance is very good; no effect on product transparency, less dosage, no surface defects; excellent leveling performance, good dispersion, strong fluidity, no shrinkage or breakage Problems such as milk appear.

Post time: Nov-06-2019