Several aspects that defoamers should pay attention to during use

1. Consider whether the defoamer system is suitable for your own system

First, you need to consider whether the system of defoamer is suitable for your industry. Because the defoamer has oily or watery differences, different defoamers are used in different industries.


Second, you should consider the amount of alcohol or organic solvent in the system. Because alcohol has a defoaming effect is everyone’s consensus, so sometimes there will be some interference effects.

2. Applicable PH range of defoamer.

Strong acid and alkali environment requirements for defoamer are more stringent, which requires clarification of the carrier environment with the manufacturer of the defoamer.

3. To consider the long-term effectiveness of defoamers.

Some defoamers start well, and the effect is much worse when placed for a while.

There are many influencing factors, at least for two reasons:

1) The defoamers is compatibilized by a surfactant,

2) The main agent of the a defoamers can be absorbed by the colloidal resin.

4. Defoaming ability under static conditions.

When the bubble-generating liquid is returned to the storage tank or directly into the packaging drum, it is also possible to defoam quickly.

5. Defoaming ability under dynamic conditions

1) Dynamic defoaming effect in a relatively closed small space. Because the gas is involved in the bubble, the external air pressure is reduced for a short time, which is more conducive to the generation and stability of the bubble. Wetting agents and emulsifiers have a shrinking effect on the gas inside the bubble. One is nothing, and it is worth hundreds of millions.

2) Open dynamic defoaming effect, single sheet flexo printing is not converted into a glazing machine, and the narrow space of the squeezing roller inking roller is turned at a high speed, and the bubble velocity is quite fast.

Post time: Apr-23-2019