Which defoamer have good results in sewage treatment?

In the process of Industrial development, different treatment methods was available for different types of sewage treatment, thus the types of defoamers to be added are also different. Today I will take you learn what harm will it bring if there are bubbles in the sewage treatment? Which defoamer is better on sewage treatment?


Hazard 1: In the process of sewage treatment, it will affect the normal operation of sewage treatment system if the intractable foam is produced.

Hazard 2: In the initial bebugging process, the inoculated sludge will be taken away by a large amount of foam if there is too much foam, which will increase the difficulty of debugging, commissioning time and invest cost.

Hazard 3: Due to foam has viscosity, the presence of foam will greatly reduce the aeration efficiency of the aeration tank.

Hazard 4: Foam accumulation is one of the important causes of decay. At the same time, it’s easy to freeze in winter so that the system can’t work properly.

Hazard 5: Since the activated sludge system is sealed with pure oxygen, if a large amount of foam enters the oxygen compressor, it may cause fire and other accidents.

There are many kinds of sewage. For the foam problem existing in the sewage treatment process, the defoamer manufacturer will have a special sewage treatment defoamer to solve the problem of sewage treatment foam in a targeted manner.

Post time: Jul-09-2019