Silicone defoamer technical indicators, quotation, performance and use

Defoamer is an auxiliary agent whose function is to eliminate the foam formed by the material during the production process.The main component of silicone defoamer is silicone oil.Silicone oil is a non-volatile oily liquid at room temperature.Silicon oil in water, animal and vegetable oil and mineral oil insoluble or solubility is very small, can withstand high temperature, also can withstand low temperature.It has inert chemical properties, stable physical properties and no biological activity.


Silicone antifoaming agent is a kind of white viscous emulsion.It has been used in various industrial fields since the 1960s, but the large-scale and comprehensive rapid development began in the 1980s. As silicone defoaming agent, its application field is also very extensive, more and more attention by all walks of life. In chemical industry, paper making, coating, food, textile and pharmaceutical industry, silicone defoaming agent is an indispensable additive in their production process. It can remove the foam on the liquid surface of the medium in the production process, thus improving the separation, gasification, liquid drainage and other effects in the process of filtration, washing, extraction, distillation, evaporation, hair loss and drying, so as to ensure the capacity of all kinds of materials and processing containers.

Sixin is an advanced manufacturer of defoaming agent integrating development, industrial production, commodity trade and technical service. Relying on the deepening development of the industrial chain and industrial platform, jiangsu sixin technology has a production base of defoaming agent covering an area of about 33,000 square meters with an annual output of 80,000 tons.The defoaming agent produced by Sixin covers various fields. At the same time, Sixin also combines the power of science and technology to passion innovation, with its own strong research and development ability, constantly create a series of new products, to meet the world’s various industries customers personalized use needs.

With the global industrial upgrading, the market demand for high-end products continues to rise. Sixin has won the trust and cooperation of customers with its enhanced innovation ability, outstanding flexible customization ability and increasingly perfect delivery ability, and has formed a nationwide supply and sales network. It also actively promotes the internationalization strategy, in North America, South America, southeast Asia, Europe and other regions to establish a wide range of international market network.


Post time: Nov-19-2019