Application of defoaming agent in environmental protection water-based ink

In recent years, with the needs of building an environmentally friendly society and the improvement of people’s living standards, the amount of various packaging materials has increased significantly and becomes more and more beautiful, the demand for water-based coatings has increased significantly, especially the application of water-based inks has increased year by year.


The rapid development of waterborne coatings and inks promotes the development of waterborne coating additives, ink additives. Defoaming agent is an indispensable agent of water-based ink, playing a role in the grinding of water-based ink, ink matching and use process to eliminate foam and inhibit foam.The development of water-based ink promoted the growth of the dosage of antifoaming agent, and put forward higher requirements for the performance of defoaming agent, mainly:

No1. The Ability Of Defoaming Quickly

No2. The Ability Of Foam Suppression Durablely

No3. Anti-shearing, Abrasion

No4. Good compatibility with ink system, and do‘t cause the shrinkage of coating,the peel of orange the utensil,flooding

and other surface defects.

Antifoaming agents used in water-based inks,  mainly has:

(1)Traditional defoamer: Mineral oil wax, metal soaps, etc. This kind of antifoaming agent is rarely used in the market because of its poor compatibility with emulsion, poor leveling performance and poor antifoaming effect.

(2)Polyether block defoamer:This kind of antifoaming agent  because of having excellent compatibility, lesser defects of film surface, the sheen and fog shadow what is not affected, is suitable for the high surface requirements of the ink.

(3)Silicone defoaming agent:It mainly includes emulsion polysiloxane and polyether modified silicone defoaming agent.This kind of antifoaming agent has excellent antifoaming ability and thermal stability, widely used in water-based ink.

(4) Compound antifoaming agent:

Mineral oil/wax/ organosilicon, mineral oil/hydrophobic particle/ organosilicon, organosilicon /hydrophobic particle and so on.This kind of antifoaming agent has excellent universal type and compatibility, and lesser defects of film surface.

Post time: May-15-2019