Silicone defoaming agent is the more viscous the better?

Many users assume that the more viscous the silicone defoamer, the higher the concentration of the defoamer, the better the effect will be.But is that really the case?

In fact, there is no relationship between the viscosity and concentration of silicone defoaming agent, high concentration of silicone defoaming agent may be very low viscosity, and high viscosity of silicone defoaming agent may be very low concentration, so simply from the viscosity can not judge the quality of silicone defoaming agent, otherwise easy to draw wrong conclusions, thus affecting the use effect.


Silicone defoaming agent

According to technical analysis, organic silicon defoamer viscosity and the viscosity of the active matter itself, the kinds of thickening agent and defoaming agent content as well as the production process, organic silicon defoamer, in use process need to undertake choosing according to the corresponding industry and application environment evaluation, so the organic silicon defoamer is thick use effect is not necessarily better, instead of viscosity is too large could lead to a defoaming agent in foaming medium slow to spread, and eventually influence foam suppression effectAbove is the silicone defoamer whether the more viscous the better explanation, I hope you have some help.

In addition, in the same way, many masters or factory directors of dyeing factories pay more attention to the appearance and concentration of dye additives, most of them still think that the higher the viscosity, the higher the content, which is quite wrong.The content is not directly proportional to the viscosity, the excellent dye additives are to low viscosity actinism high content of this direction to do the product.

Post time: Dec-18-2019