What are the advantages of silicone defoamer

With the continuous development of modern industrial society, organic silicon defoamer began to more widely applied, Its main function is to eliminate the foam caused by the material in the production process.It can avoid to affect the quality of the products, also can let its produce quality better safeguard, in the process of actual use has the very good advantage!


Silicone defoamer have the following two major advantages

1. Strong surface tension

The surface tension of organic silicon defoamer is very strong, the surface tension of the silicon oil can reach about 20 dyne, so in terms of tension can get better security. Due to all kinds of material has good compatibility, defoaming in water also don’t have to worry about appear the same situation,taking advantage of their large surface tension can be used in a wider temperature range, such as water treatment with organic silicon defoamer, defoaming effect is very good.

2.High stability

The organic silicone defoamer can be used in a temperature environment of about 150 degrees for a long time, and can withstand a high temperature of 300 degrees in a short time, which means that the thermal stability can reach a higher standard in such a temperature range. There is no decomposition inside, so when used in a wider temperature environment, it is naturally possible to improve its defoaming ability and avoid affecting the overall use effect.

When choosing a defoamer, it is best to choose a regular silicone defoamer manufacturer. According to the instructions given by the manufacturer, it can be used in the right way and in the right environment. Stable use effect to solve the foam problem in the industry.

Post time: Sep-11-2019