The analysis of antifoam products commonly used in Textile & Printing Dyeing industry

In the textile industry,as the manufacturers have added various surface active agent to assist the production,in various working procedures,it will produce foams after stirring and mechanical shaking.The foams in the liquid directly affect the quality of the products and the smooth of various working procedures.Therefore the manufacturers will select different antifoam products to solve the foam problems according to different production processes.Below will introduce the detailed application of antifoam in textile and printing & dyeing industry:

Using the antifoam in the process of textile pretreatment

In the process of fabric desizing,boiling off,bleaching,and washing,adding antifoam is in order to strengthen the effect of pretreatment,hence,the antifoam need to have good permeability, high temperature resistance ,homogeneous dispersion,so that the desizing agent, bleaching agent,and the detergent can permeate into the fabric homogeneously.

Using the antifoam in the process of textile dyeing.

 If in the liquid of dyeing pulp exists foams,and the antifoam is not added timely,the color point and uneven shade will exist on the fabric,severely affect the product quality.Thus,various dyeing machines,including the dyeing of rope form,jig dyeing,warp beam,and the socks dyeing,need to add this dyeing antifoam agent,not only can bear the high temperature,but also not affect the appearance of the products.

Using the antifoam agent in the process of textile printing.

  The foams should be avoided in the process of textile printing,otherwise it will be easier to arise the phenomena of white point,stain,the uneven color on fabric pattern etc.Thus adding printing antifoam to ensure the quality of products.Besides,antifoam is also required not affect the stickiness,the colour,and the appearance of the slurry, quick dispersion, strong self emulsification ability and low viscosity system, all of these properties can make a good effect of inhibiting the foams durably.

Post time: May-30-2018