Rumors! Is the defoamer for food really harmful to human health?

There are many sayings about defoamers for food on the Internet. Some people always think that because it contains chemical elements, it must be harmful to the human’s health. But some other people think that since it can be listed as a defoamer with food approval, it means edible. Today, let me analysis from three aspects for you: composition, function and usage.

defoamer for food

First of all, does the antifoaming agent for food contain harmful ingredients?

We all know that the silicone defoamer for food is a defoamer specially used in the bio-fermentation and food processing industries, which is made of polyoxysilane-polyether as the main material and is refined by special techniques. The silicon antifoaming agent does not have any hindrance to biological fermentation, does not change the quality of the product, and has excellent heat resistance. Mainly used in fermentation processes such as biomedicine.

Secondly, is the effect of defoamer for food harmful to human health?

The defoamer for food is characterized by one-time addition, rapid defoaming, super long antifoaming, little dosage, safe, non-toxic, non-corrosive, especially high temperature sterilization, stability superior to other defoamers, can be used in heat sterilization among the various foaming liquids in the fermentation process or in the high temperature state, it is a new product for the fermentation industry.

Finally, is using environment of the defoamer harmful to human health?

Only a small amount of silicone defoamer can be added to the food to produce a significant defoaming effect. The silicone antifoaming agent for foods is suitably used in a water-soluble foaming liquid. When using a non-aqueous solvent, a solvent-based defoaming agent should be selected, and the dispersing property and defoaming effect is improved by dilution. The defoamer is not added with large amount at beginning. But it should be added slowly depending on the state of foaming. Intermittent addition is more economical.

Therefore, food defoamers must not be harmful to human health, they are needed by market demand in the industrial production process, for both consumer and producer, it is not a presence that affects human health. Of course, don’t overcommit the defoamer whenever it is used.

Post time: May-07-2019