What are the factors that affect the defoaming effect of defoamer?

Defoamer is a widely used product used in various industries, today we mainly to introduce the textile dyeing defoamer use method.


1、    Firstly, dilute the product with water by 1:30 times before adding, adding the amount of 0.1% to 0.5%. An appropriate amount of defoamer can effectively prevent and eliminate foam. Do not use too much.Before use, it should be stirred properly and diluted with water or thickening water.Defoamer should be added before foaming liquid, which can more effectively prevent foam generation and eliminate foam.

2、    Defoamer has oily and water, different defoamer used in different industries.

3、    Applicable PH range of defoamer.

Strong acid and strong alkali environment is more demanding on defoamers, which requires the manufacturers of defoamers to explain the carrier environment.

4、    Consider the long-term effectiveness of the defoamer

Some defoamers start out effectively, but they don’t work so well after they have been placed for a while.

There are many factors, at least for two reasons:

1) Defoamer are capacity increased by surfactant

2) The main agent of defoamer can be absorbed by colloidal resin.

5、    The ability of defoaming in the static case.

Rapid defoaming is also acceptable when the bubbling liquid returns to the tank or directly to the drum.

6、    The ability of defoaming in the dynamic situation

1) Dynamic defoaming effect in relatively closed and small space. It is more conducive to the formation and stability of the bubble as the gas enter into the bubble and the external pressure drops for a short time.Wetting agents and emulgators have a considerable contractile effect on the gas inside the bubble.

2) Open dynamic defoaming effect. For example, when single flexo printing into glazing machine, the cots inking roller turnover with a high speed in small open space, and then bubble generation is quite fast.

7、    Machine applicability

(1)     Temperature. The change of temperature leads to the change of the surfactant stabilization and defoaming.

(2)     Customer habits. For the same dilution, the decrease of stable foam of emulsifier and wetting agent is not consistent with the decrease of defoaming ability of defoamer.

Post time: Aug-01-2019