The factors that affect defoamer performance


Defoamers can be widely used in various industries.Today we mainly introduce the defoamer usage method in textile dyeing.
Dilute defoamer with water at ratio 1:30 and add it.Dosage can be 0.1%-0.5%.Moderate amounts of defoamer can prevent and eliminate foams,over dosage is not recommended.

Stir properly,use water/thickener to dilute defoamer. Defoamer can be added before foams are generated,it can prevent and eliminate foams better.

There are oil-based and water-based defoamers.Different defoamers can be used in different industries.

Strong alkali/acid application circumstance have high requirement of defoamer’s properties and PH value is also important.All these information should be offered to defoamer supplier in advance.
Considering the defoamer’s long term performance.Some defoamer perform good in the beginning stage and performance decline after a certain time.
  At least 2 factors affect defoamer’s performance:

1) Defoamer is solubilized by surfactant

2) Defoamer additive can be absorbed by colloidal particles resin

Defoaming performance in the static case.It’s ok if defoamer eliminate foams fast when the foaming solutions go back to storage tank or packing drum.

Defoaming performance in dynamic conditions:

1) Dynamic defoaming performance in relatively closed small space. Because foaming is about air getting into the bubble, so when the outside atmospheric pressure drop down in short time, this will do some help on the formation and stability of bubbles. Wetting agents and emulsifiers can help to shrink the air in bubbles, when their amount accumulated to huge.

2) Dynamic defoaming performance in open space. When defoamer using in paper&pulp,the bubbles in the roll appear quickly.

Applicability on site:

1) Temperature. The temperature change will result in the change of the stability and defoaming capability of surfactant.

2) Customers using habit. When testing in the defoamer supplier, the antifoam can pass the test, while in the customer’s place, failed. The supplier can figure it out when they pay an on-sit visit and found customer over dilute the defoamer. Even with the same dilute method, the decrease of defoamer’s performance is different from the decrease of wet agents and emulsifiers.  

Application of defoamers/Antifoam

Defoams can be used in Polyester fiber, High temperature dyeing, High temperature overflow dyeing, Spray dyeing, High temperature dyeing of polyester fabric, Water treatment of dyeing process of polyester / cotton textile, Textile auxiliaries, Bleaching, Sizing etc.

Package, Storage, Transportation:

SIXIN defoamers in this industry can be store for 6 months when in normal temperature(25℃  ) , and can not bu put under the sun; can be packaged in 25kg drum, 200kg drum or Tote.

Post time: Jan-05-2018