The function of antifoaming agent in coating production was analyzed

Defoaming agent is widely used in coating production because of its low surface tension and high surface activity,and Many people think that defoaming agent in the paint production process is simply to play the role of defoaming. So the truth of the matter is really so, today small make up for you to briefly introduce.


Defoaming agents can be divided into three types: foam breaker, foam suppressor and defoaming agent. foam breaker refers to the addition after the liquid foaming, through the effect of adsorption bubble and surface tension into the bubble film to thin the base, can quickly destroy the bubble, reduce the page.Foam suppressant is a substance that can inhibit the production of foam. It is adsorbed on the bubbles together with the liquid foaming material, which reduces the surface tension, thins the bubble film and leads to damage, thus preventing the bubble phenomenon. The defoaming agent adsorb on the bubble in the liquid, and collect the air in the bubble. After the bubble is adsorbed on each other, damaged in the adsorption interface and a big bubble is formed. Because buoyancy increases, accelerate the rate of rise, promote bubble. Defoamer of SIXIN Scientific Technological generally have a variety of functions such as bubble breaking, bubble inhibition and bubble removal, so it is often difficult to strictly distinguish between them.


Post time: Apr-18-2019