The main performance of defoamers is removing foam. When should defaomers be added?

As the most common defoamer,Silicone based defoamers are wildly used in different industries. However, misunderstanding is still existing during the progress of using.Today we talk about when it should be added and some notice before using.


There are two time frame when Silicone is adding.

1.Adding before foaming

By adding defoamer into system in advance, the foam will be controlled before causing. Defoamers will have good performance of anti-foaming in both closed container and device.

2.Adding by continuous drop

Defoamers will be consumed when the foaming solution is cycle or flowing.Continuous drop addition will be helpful for defoamers to play the role of removing foam.It will be more effective if using metering pumps to control the adding amount.What should we notice before adding?


1.The emulsion needs to be fully stirred before use. It is easy to be stratification if it is not uniformed. The performance will be effected.

2. Using thickener to dilute. Silicone emulsion can be used after dilution. However, its stability will decline due to it and cause stratification. We suggest to use thickener to dilute. If using water, make sure the emulsion is Stirring slowly when putting in water. Please make sure the defoamer can be run out right after.

3.Freezing prevention. Silicone defoamer is sensitive to high and low temperature. Frozen defoamer needs to thaw carefully and be tested before using.

4.Storage. Strong shaking or shear force(Mechanical pump) will destroy its stability.The storage of defoamer needs to be noticed.

Post time: May-24-2019