Technical service personnel of SIXIN Defoamer summarized the use of defoamer

Recently always recieved customer complaints about product instability problems, and asked for door-to-door service to solve problems.By the communication with them by our technical service personnel,summed up the problem—all the inspection of defoamers in the factory passed, and trial test also passed,but there’s a problem when customers use it. In fact, these are not the quality problems of defoamers, the reasons are summarized as follows.


Is the defoamer suitable for your foaming system?

Many customers test the defoamer simply by selecting some soapy water for shake flask test. However, the foaming system in the actual production process is not the same as the soapy water. Therefore, to judge whether the defoamer is suitable or not by the defoaming effect in the soapy water,it must not be appropriate. SIXIN defoamers suggest that you must choose your own foaming working fluid to test the defoamer.

The applicable pH range for defoamers.

Strong acid and strong alkali environment are more demanding on defoamer. This requires everyone to tell the other side carrier’s environment when choosing defoamer. Otherwise, the selected product can’t resist strong acid or alkali, then it will produce the situation of demulsification, seriously affecting the application of defoamers.

Consider the storage of the defoamer.

Some defoamers start well, and the effect is much worse when placed for a while, because defoamers are chemical products after all, and are very sensitive to the temperature and humidity of the surrounding environment, so be sure to pay attention to the storage of defoamers.

Pay attention to the focus of dynamic defoamer performance.

The customers involved in the industry are different, the process is different, the focus of the defoamer performance is different, some customers pay attention to the antifoaming performance of defoamers, and some pay attention to the defoaming performance of defoamers, so in the purchase, be sure to communicate with the technical persons to understand the industry in which they are located and see which performance indicators they should pay more attention to.

The applicability of the field is different from the laboratory test.

The data and results obtained by testing defoamers in the laboratory are limited, but only a reference, because the laboratory can not simulate every link used in the field, so the technical service personnel of SIXIN generally recommend customers purchase the trial sample for test after small sample test is successful.And then consider a large number of purchases.

The choice and use of defoamer seems to be difficult. In fact, as long as you pay attention to the above links and communicate with the personnel of the defoamer manufacturers, you can avoid these problems that may exist. You can follow the above points to adjust the procurement method of the defoamer to help you quickly select the right product.

Post time: Jun-17-2019