What problems should be paid attention to during the use of wastewater treatment defoamer?

In the production process, because a large amount of wastewater is generated, the wastewater must be treated to meet the standards before discharge. Since most of the wastewater will produce a large amount of foam during the production process, too much foam affects the progress of water treatment, affecting the active mud and bacteria while polluting the environment, causing harm to human health and increasing the cost of subsequent processes, so the wastewater is treated. Most of the process requires the addition of an antifoaming agent for defoaming before it can be discharged.



First of all, we need to understand the reasons for foaming in the water treatment process. At present, the main reasons for wastewater foaming are as follows:

1. The production equipment of the company contains a certain amount of foam. The inlet water temperature is high and the foam particles will be more. The water circulation in the production process will also cause a large amount of foam to appear.

2. The impurities, gases, etc. in the water are mixed together to generate a large number of bubbles under the constant stirring of the water flow machine.

3, the equipment is not adjusted during the production process will also lead to the emergence of a large number of bubbles

4, some products are prone to foam

Therefore, in the process of treating sewage, adding defoaming agent should be carried out according to the regular method of adding defoaming. When adding antifoaming agent, pay attention to the following points to reduce the effect of dosage:

1. Add antifoaming agent and stir evenly to make the defoaming agent to achieve continuous defoaming ability.

2. It is recommended to use a continuous flow of metering pumps during the addition process to make it easier to control the amount added.

3. Pay attention to the added temperature, for example, some defoamers should be added at a lower temperature.

4. Pay attention to the added amount and test it on site according to the defoaming situation.

Due to the influence of sewage environment, temperature, system and composition of various enterprises, the types of wastewater defoamers are more and more, and the more subtle and finer, it is recommended to test before the system is used. The test effect is good. In the system. If you have any questions about the defoaming of wastewater treatment, please consult Sixin Technology.

Post time: Nov-05-2019