Why does Food Industry need to use Silicone defoamers?

The food industry is related to the lives of ordinary people.Food processing companies attach great importance to food safety issues.They are also very cautious in the use of defoamers.Why does Food Industry need to use Silicone defoamers? There are two reasons:


1.High anti-foam performance to improve production efficiency

Compared with some of the original defoamer products, silicone defoamers have made great progress in defoaming durability.The relevant company has conducted an experiment in which the defoaming time of the silicone defoamer is 3 to 4 times higher than that of the ordinary defoamer at room temperature.The working time of silicone defoamer is 6~7 times that of common defoamer at high temperature.

This is a very amazing number data.This set of data indicates that the use of silicone defoamers is generally superior to conventional defoamers.Businesses spend the same amount of money, but the gap in production time is so great.The savings from using silicone defoamers are considerable.

2.Non-toxic, safe and edible

As a chemical material, ordinary defoamers will inevitably have the presence of toxic substances.This is a security risk.After all, in the food processing enterprise, the processed products are eaten.The silicone defoamer is non-toxic and harmless in production.There is also a direct effect to ensure the health of the consumer.The silicone defoamer is easier to handle after extraction.The amount of residue it extracts can be controlled below 0.1%.Such residual extraction should be able to largely dispel the fear of defoamers.In fact, in the production enterprises of the food industry, the main purpose of the use of defoamers is to facilitate production.The factory has made a significant improvement in their production efficiency by adding defoamers because it saves a lot of time.So defoamer changes the traditional production and processing mode.The improvement of efficiency also directly promotes the development of the industry and brings more economic benefits to the enterprise.


Post time: Oct-10-2019