Knowledge points of paper mill waste water treatment defoamer

Waste water discharge from paper mills has always been a serious problem.Waste water treatment is also a concern of everyone.

Wastewater treatment uses a number of physical, chemical and biological methods to treat wastewater.This can achieve the purpose of purifying water resources and reducing emissions.

waste water treatment defoamer

Due to the rapid growth of urban population, the problem of industrial wastewater treatment has become increasingly prominent.Paper mill wastewater discharge is large.Therefore, the country’s standards for wastewater discharge are also strictly controlled.This makes some paper mills must carry out wastewater treatment when discharging wastewater.

Many factories say that foam is often found in the process of treating wastewater. As a result, the foam will affect the growth of aquatic organisms and the operation of the treatment process.It is only necessary to add a wastewater treatment defoamer when treating wastewater, which can solve a series of problems caused by foam.

The wastewater treatment defoamer has a good defoaming speed to permanently inhibit the foam. Defoamers have a good effect on foaming systems in many industries such as pharmaceutical, paper, leather printing and dyeing urban sewage and other industries.The wastewater treatment defoamer adopts an environmentally friendly formula, and the product itself has the characteristics of being non-toxic and harmless and not affecting the reproduction of bacteria.

Wastewater treatment defoamer is a highly effective defoamer.It is mainly made of a modified process of a modified silicone polyether and a modified silicone.

1.What are the characteristics of papermaking defoamers?

The papermaking process is divided into two major steps: washing and papermaking.No matter which step, it will produce bubbles.Therefore, it is necessary to use different kinds of defoamers for processing.

In the process of pulping, the slurry is mainly composed of natural substances such as fatty acids and resin acids. It is a foaming substance such as fatty acid soap or fatty acid soap after being subjected to cooking and chemical washing.A large amount of foam will cause some trouble for subsequent cleaning, conveying and bleaching, resulting in a decrease in pulp quality.Therefore, it is necessary to use an antifoaming agent for treatment.The defoaming agents used in the pulping process mainly include two types of hydrocarbon defoamers and silicone emulsion defoamers.These defoamers are capable of eliminating the rapid lignin and foams produced by some surfactants, especially when pulping is used.

For papermaking, if the foam generated by the papermaking process is not solved, it will lead to problems such as paper breakage, white water level fluctuation, pump frequency fluctuation, etc., which directly affect the stability and quality of the paper.The papermaking defoaming agent can effectively inhibit the white water foaming, and at the same time, the fine foam on the surface of the slurry can be eliminated for the fine bubbles entrained between the fibers.The defoaming agent can also dissolve the air in the slurry and eliminate the large bubbles on the water surface, so as to avoid the formation of holes and reduce the overflow of the paper break and the storage tank, thereby ensuring the loss of pulp fibers and chemicals, so that the loss of pulp fibers and chemicals is ensured. The uniformity and quality of the paper are improved.

Defoamer for paper pulping: Mainly used to control the foam produced in alkaline pulping, paper washing, bamboo pulp, sugar cane pulp, neutral pulping, pulp rinsing, screening, bleaching, water treatment, plant fiber pulp production.It has the following characteristics:

1.Strong defoaming and foam breaking;

2.Quickly and thoroughly improve the filter drainage;

3.Very good mutual solubility in black liquor, suitable for the production conditions of the pulp mill;

4.Can improve the rinsing efficiency;

5.Reduce the loss of salt and improve the quality of pulp;

6.Reduce the content of bleaching chemicals and meet environmental protection requirements;

7.The raw materials are biodegradable, non-toxic and harmless.

Defoamer for paper milling:An antifoaming agent for papermaking papermaking is used for papermaking white water; a surface foam containing rosin gum, a bubble adsorbed on water fibers, a surface foam containing a modified starch white water system, a foam containing a polyacrylamide retention aid system, and The surface foam containing the AKD emulsion white water system is eliminated.It has the following characteristics:

1. Defoamer speed block and long foam suppression time;

2. Good dispersion, dynamic defoaming, no silicon;

3. Has good product stability;

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