Water-based adhesive used defoamer– Quick solution for foaming problem

20-Dec, 2018


Adhesives for package is widely used in coating industry.However, the problem of foaming of water-based adhesives is indeed causing many unnecessary troubles for manufacturers and users.At this time, they generally choose to use a certain amount of water-based adhesives to solve the foam problem with defoamers.

Surfactants are incorporated into the material during construction. The water-based adhesive itself will generally contain a certain amount of surfactant.This will create favorable conditions for the production of foaming.By adding water-based defoamer, the surface tension of the bubble changes, causing changes in internal pressure, foaming, and uneven tension. The foam will break and eliminate.

Water-based defoamer has the basic characteristics of low dosage, good heat resistance, fast defoaming and long-lasting foaming, and does not affect the foaming system.Because it does not precipitate and change the excellent properties of the system viscosity and has been widely used in adhesives.It is also highly praised by the manufacturers because of its advantages and disadvantages, which will not cause great economic troubles for the adhesive manufacturers.

Defoamer for adhesive is generally used by two steps.First step is during grinding, that is adding in the process of adjusting and dispersing the raw materials.Second step is during canning stage to prevent foaming in the construction phase.

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