There are so many ways to choose defoaming agents

As a member of the chemical industry, editor me walks around the big BBS every day to get the latest industry consultation, especially on the defogging related posts, found the following questions are not a few.


So editor gathered the following notes to learn with you.

At present, there is no one kind of defoaming agent in the world is universal, and there is no one kind of defoaming agent only has a certain scope of application, so choosing a good defoaming agent is the key to solve the problem of defoaming.

It is meaningless to compare the different concentrations of defoaming agents of different manufacturers. High concentration defoaming agent may have poor anti-foaming performance, while low concentration defoaming agent may have excellent anti-foaming performance.

Generally speaking, the effect of defoaming and anti-foaming agent is proportional to the dosage, but there is also a saturation point, that is, after reaching a certain concentration, adding dosage cannot prolong the anti-foaming time. Therefore, overuse is a waste, and the right concentration is the key to ensuring that your anti-foaming requirements are met, and the most economical use of anti-foaming agents.

The defoaming and anti-foaming effect of defoaming agent is gradually weakened and disappeared with the passage of time. However, a good defoaming agent is much longer than a poor defoaming agent, so the evaluation of a defoaming agent depends not only on the initial defoaming ability, but also on the anti-foaming time. Long anti-foaming time is the most difficult quality for anti-foaming agents, and it is the determining factor of anti-foaming performance ratio. Good anti-foaming agents far exceed poor anti-foaming agents at this point.

As emulsion defoamer is an unstable system in thermodynamics, it will be affected by chemicals when it is added to foaming liquid or other water-based systems.

There is no relationship between viscosity and concentration of defoamer. A high concentration defoamer may have a low viscosity, while a high viscosity defoamer may have a low concentration. But it is precisely the low viscosity and high concentration of defoaming agent in the manufacturing process is a high level. Therefore, users can not judge the quality of defoamer simply from the appearance of viscosity, or it is easy to draw wrong conclusions, thus affecting your production.

The quality of defoaming agent should not only be judged by the contrast test of defoaming and anti-foaming performance, but also by the test of temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance and compatibility balance of some specific industrial products.

Although some customers have a variety of testing methods and rich experience in defoaming, we should pay attention to our foaming solution, detailed reasons for foaming, temperature, PH value and other relevant information and requirements for defoaming in the production process, so that we can better choose defoaming agent to solve the problem.

Post time: Aug-08-2019