Why adding antifoam in the coke chamber

In the reaction process of coke chamber, along its height can be divided into several main areas,the bottom is the coke layer,the middle is the high viscosity colloidal bitumen,which also be called the foam layer, the upper part is the oil and gas layer.As the cracking reaction goes on,high viscosity resin adhesive leaching is bubbled continuously with foams formed,the formed bubble constantly breaks and release oil and gas,dynamic balance is achieved at a certain temperature and pressure,thus the foam layer maintains at a certain height.


  The coke chamber is foaming in the process of coking,which is the key point to affect and delay whether the coking device can operate smoothly or not.Generally,in the reaction resultant there are many intermediate products,which exists as the form of foams. On the coking device,large number of oil and gas comes into being due to the raw oil cracking under the high temperature,and those gas and oil are extremely easy to produce foams. With the coke layer arises,the foams will burst out of the top of the chamber,which will cause the oil&gas pipeline blocked by coking.On the other hand,the amount of carried coke powder in the gas and oil increases,thus the normal operation of the fractionating tower and the processing capacity of the coke chamber will be affected.The upper part of the coke chamber forms numerous foams,which also severely affect the product quality and the processing capacity of the coking device.

    The antifoam mainly has 2 properties,the first one is breaking the foams,namely break the formed bubbles immediately,on the general, the substance with good dispersity has a better performance of breaking foams.The second one is antifoaming property,its detailed definition is the ability to inhibit the solution foaming,and generally,the substance with low solubility has a better performance on inhibiting the foams,and the foam inhibitor must has the ability to break the foams,so the ideal antifoam agent must not only has the good dispersity,but also with low solubility.

Post time: May-30-2018