Why polyether defoamer is so prominent in so many kinds of defoamers?

There are many kinds of defoamers, including polyether defoamer, water-based defoamer, mineral oil defoamer, silicone defoamer and so on. Today we will talk about one of the important products – polyether defoamer.Polyether defoamer has many excellent characteristics, so in many defoamer is very outstanding!


First, polyether defoamer is made up of a variety of different starting agent made by synthetic process. Depending on the type of starting agent, it can be divided into polyols, ether fatty acid ester type and amine. This three kinds of polyether defoamer each have different characteristics, and play an important role in their respective fields. But most people use polyhydric alcohol and fatty acid ester type.

Secondly, polyether defoamer can be widely used in the industrial field, mainly because it is a non-toxic product, will not cause harm to the human body, and there is no pungent odor Smelling will not let a person have discomfort.

Finally, polyether defoamer is not only effective, but also convenient.It has good dispersibility, dynamic defoaming, fast defoaming speed, strong anti-foaming performance and excellent effect in a wide range of temperature and PH. So polyether defoamer in industrial production occupies a very important position, of course, its role in other industries is also very large.

Although polyether defoamer application is broad, but on the performance, polyether defoamer and some shortage of place. Therefore, many defoamer researchers will focus on innovative design and continuously develop some new polyether molecular structures, so that polyether defoamer can have better performance.

In a word, polyether defoamer is a kind of defoamer with very unique block mode and chain length. There are many kinds of defoamer in the market, and polyether defoamer is very outstanding in performance and use.

Post time: Aug-26-2019