Wrong choice of defoamer, create lasting damage



Many customers feel dazzled when they choose defoamers from a wide range of products. After fast sample review, they choose the wrong defoamers. The result has a great impact on further production and operation. This result is summarized as following:

Affect finished product appearance

After choosing the wrong defoamer, it is added to your own product, the foam is eliminated, but the product becomes cloudy even loses its original color. Industries that are more prone to this situation are: metal cutting fluids.

Affect finished product performance indicators

The wrong defoamer is added to the product, which affects the product index and leads to the detection of its own products. Although the defoamer is an additive with a small dosage, after it is added to the product, some of its components react with the components of the original product, and then some other substances are formed. The product indicators eventually make your products can not pass the testing. Industries that are more prone to this situation are: the coatings industry.

For lower cost of product but with large defoamer dosage will lead to final increasing cost.

This situation is more common. Looking for a new supplier and choosing a new defoamer, the unit price has indeed been reduced a lot, but because of the product content and other issues, the amount of addition has become larger, and even turned into the 2 to 4 times, then one year, it is found that the production cost has increased, because the defoamer unit price is reduced, and the active ingredient is also reduced, so to achieve the same effect,  the amount of addition must be increased.

Residues left, affecting production equipment

There used to be customers who chose a cheap solid defoamer because they wanted a low-priced product, but because the low-cost defoamer carrier is Zeolite, it is difficult to dissolve in the product system, which eventually leads to blockage of the machine pipe. Finally, the advanced equipment imported from abroad has been lost, and it has spent a lot of manpower, material resources and financial resources to repair. The corresponding high-quality solid defoamer, although the price is high, but the carrier has good solubility, no residue and precipitation, no impact on the production equipment, and at the same time excellent foam suppression performance.

Above are the series of adverse consequences of the wrong choice of defoamer. In short, how to choose a suitable defoamer is very important. We hope above summary would help everyone get better choice of the right products in future purchases.

Post time: Aug-31-2018